guide to Emotional Freedom approach Emotional Freedom method is a mental acupuncture approach this is used to optimize emotional health. e...

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique to Optimize Your Health!

guide to Emotional Freedom approach

Emotional Freedom method is a mental acupuncture approach this is used to optimize emotional health. even though emotional fitness is still frequently neglected, it is absolutely crucial to our physical healing and health. no matter our devotion to proper life-style and weight loss program, we can in no way obtain top-rated preventive and recuperation powers if emotional obstacles are still standing at the manner.

Emotional Freedom technique will help you:

remove negative emotions
put off or lessen pain
reduce meals cravings
enforce advantageous desires
The strength meridians utilized in EFT are much like the ones which are used in acupuncture to treat emotional and bodily illnesses but without any invasiveness. alternatively, tapping is used to enter kinetic electricity into diverse particular meridians on the chest and head even as the individual thinks about their precise hassle and voicing high quality confirmation. The problem can be anything including an addiction, ache or traumatic event.

The aggregate of voicing advantageous affirmations and tapping the electricity meridians the usage of your fingertips works to clean the emotional block from the frame's bio-electricity gadget. This restores your thoughts-frame stability that's important for the restoration of bodily sickness and ultimate health.

There are  principal areas you want to study so that you can use Emotional Freedom technique correctly:

1. Tapping strategies and precise tapping places

2. The fine affirmations

you can deal with severa problems with the aid of making use of the following commands diligently


The basic Emotional Freedom technique series is simple and easy and generally takes most people only some mins to research. although it's critical to make certain that you are tapping the precise location, you need to not fear approximately being very specific seeing that that specialize in the general place is likewise sufficient.

you'll be tapping along with your fingertips/pads and this is commonly because the fingertips have several acupuncture meridians. therefore, whilst you are tapping together with your palms you are not most effective using the meridians in the particular vicinity you are tapping, but also those on the fingertips. In conventional emotional freedom technique, the patient faucets using the fingertips of the middle finger and the index finger and with one hand handiest. The side you use would not rely seeing that most tapping factors exist on each sides of the frame. moreover, it does not matter if making a decision to replace facets during the procedure. for example, you could tap underneath your left eye and later inside the method, underneath your proper arm.

you could also use all your palms and both arms. shape a gently curved line with all of your hands in a gently comfy manner. This lets in you to cover a bigger vicinity and get admission to all of the acupuncture points. however, the majority gain fulfillment with the two finger one hand technique. although it's important to apply your fingertips due to the fact they have got more meridian points, you can use your finger pads when you have lengthy nails.

faucet solidly

You must usually tap solidly but no longer so difficult as to bruise or hurt yourself. in case you are the use of each arms, change the tapping barely in order that your palms are out of segment with every other. this may offer a kinesthetic version of the work this is commonly performed by the EMDR (alternating eye motion) and will have some extra gain. You must tap about five to 7 instances (the number isn't always vital however have to be the period of time it takes for one breathing cycle; a full breath).

Tapping points proceed down your frame which basically way that each tapping factor is placed beneath the one before it. although the series isn't always simply essential, it's far critical to make sure to faucet all of the factors.

Tapping points

1. pinnacle of the pinnacle: Down the centre of your skull with fingers lower back-to-back.

2. Eyebrow: just above the eyes at the start of the eyebrow and to 1 aspect of the nose.

3. side of the eye: at the bone that boarders the outdoor corner of your eye

four. underneath the attention: on the bone beneath your eyes approximately an inch underneath the student

five. below the nose: that is the small vicinity among the top of your higher lip and the bottom of your nostril

6. Chin factor: midway between the lowest of the lower lip and the factor of your chin. This location is referred to as the chin factor specially for descriptive functions.

7. Collarbone: that is the factor wherein the breastbone (sternum), the first rib and the collarbone meet. that is a completely important factor in particular in acupuncture and is referred to as ok 27.

eight. under the arm: that is at the facet of your body, approximately 4 inches below the armpit; generally on the point even together with your nipples (for men) or the center of your bra strap (for women).

9. Wrist: The point internal of both wrists is the final point. Rub them lightly towards each different.

get rid of your watch and glasses earlier than Tapping

Watches and glasses can electronically and robotically interfere with Emotional Freedom approach. consequently, it's miles recommended which you get rid of them earlier than tapping.

so that you now may be wondering if Tapping remedy (or Emotional Freedom approach) let you in anyway, especially handling traumas, addictions, or different demanding situations that you will be faced with at this time,